Wordle knows what the humans need

Wordle created from all #TvsZ tweets over the past three days, mined for meaning (below): get human hungry zombies game like horde really coming thanks change first must bite anyone back well maybe swipe away sorry dodge oh apocalypse bitten horde find brains looking twitter please turn hungry [?]  yes someone eat safe already right … Continue reading

10 reasons to write a novel in a day with us

DigiWriMo’s Novel in a Day is going on RIGHT NOW, until midnight eastern tonight.  Here are ten great reasons why YOU should join us in this crazy collaborative novel-writing thing: 1.  It’s anonymous…or not Your name isn’t attached to anything unless you want it to be, so you can flex those creative muscles without worrying … Continue reading


It only took a few days for me to get back to my old manic, internet-obsessed ways, though there’s a new emptiness in those old familiar gestures.  I can’t unsee the divide between the real and the digital worlds.  I can’t melt back into not knowing this is a game we’re all playing willingly, pretending.  … Continue reading

Reassimilation (Day 5)

I resisted the pull of my cybernetic augmentations as long as humanly (or post-humanly) possible, but the fleshy body is weak and resistance, as they say, is bound up in futility.  My time as purely human has changed me though.  The auxiliary parts and devices no longer fit as snugly as they did before, in … Continue reading

What I really want (Day 4)

Midweek and my grand experiment is already something of a failure.  Email was checked and responded to.  The little green text message number on my phone beckoned.  All good friends just saying hello, but each one made me feel slightly more guilty than the last.  Who am I to not respond to their thoughtful messages?  … Continue reading

Meet Shmarrie Shmadian (Day 3)

Day three and I’ve resorted to being technology-adjacent.  I just spent twenty minutes rearranging the icons on the front screen of my phone.  I know, emergency phone calls only, but someone called and I had to see who it was and then the icons just looked so disheveled.  It’s a slippery slope right back to … Continue reading

He wasn’t Digby then (Day 2)

I’m a cheater.  I cheated.  Not only did I take a quick peek at my inbox tonight when I was overwhelmed by curiosity, I also promised you that I would rip out my cyborgian mechanims and investigate what happens with the leftover gaping wound and instead I strapped a giant fluffy dog to the space … Continue reading

Disconnect (Day 1)

I’m ashamed to say how quickly I regretted my decision.  Not to turn everything off.  That was, I felt pretty solidly, a good thing.  Funny though, not twenty minutes into the big turn off I started really really missing Rick.  Rick who could turn his feelings on and off like a tap.  Rick who, when … Continue reading

Turning it all off

So I’ve told a few people about this project and each time I’ve gotten one of two responses.  1. “That’s impossible” and 2. “You’ll never get through a whole week”.  Which is fair.  I am what you might charitably call “somewhat attached” to my technology.  I always know where my phone is, whether the ringer … Continue reading