Form and Function

Approaching this blog as an outside observer I would have little information that hinted at the content I might expect but there are some clues.  The title is tiny, lowercase and cursive, all things that scream ‘girl’ to me.  Something about it feels restrained and possibly secretive.  Other than the bright red background color, the theme doesn’t call attention to itself.  I’d expect the content I read here to be personal, that the writer is taking me into her confidence.

The content of each post is only previewed on the front page, a “continue reading” link leading the reader to the real meat of the entry.  By making the reader take this extra step to read a full entry, the blogger is assumed to be protecting her words from prying eyes, only allowing the reader who is genuinely interested to read what she has to say.  If the title and other features didn’t all point in this secretive direction, truncating the posts in this way could serve another function, that of giving the reader access to more posts at once, more choices of direction to take his or her reading experience.  In that case, the expectation would be a blog that departs from the time-based linearity one would see in a journal.  The reader is less constrained by this type of arrangement because he or she doesn’t have to plow through each full entry to get to the next one.

When one clicks to continue reading, the page that comes up is nearly identical to the front page, though the post’s title font gets a little bigger and the comments show below.  I removed all of the buttons to share posts on social media sites because I don’t really want them shared, though an outside observer may or may not notice their absence and infer something from it.

This blog is clearly not geared toward the general public.  It doesn’t share a lot of signifying information with new visitors through its design choices.  There’s no tagline, no other information to tell you what it’s about.  Readers must take the extra step of clicking through to get to the bulk of an entry.  This blog is about the blogger’s own experience of writing the posts rather than about sharing them with the world.  Or rather, she may want the world to read what she’s written but she’s uncomfortable with advertising too much about herself.

So since this is my blog and I designed it this way (however subconsciously), and the design indicates that you, the reader, will be taken into my confidence, I will share a little secret:  It’s all true.  I want to say things but I’m not sure how I feel about people reading them, which makes it weird to be a writer unless I want to be one of those reclusive writers that nobody knows about until they die and someone finds stacks and stacks of brilliant, unpublished manuscripts in the back closet of their tiny apartment.  Actually, that doesn’t sound so bad.    Okay, I need you to do me a favor, internet.  When I die, make sure someone comes to my apartment and looks in the back closet.  That’s where all the good stuff is.  Or will be, if I ever get around to writing it.


One thought on “Form and Function

  1. This is so lovely! Even though your blog is public, you really have made it a special semi-secret space just by the setup. Visiting here for the first time, I almost feel like I want a doorbell to ring. Is it okay to come in? If I didn’t know who you were, I would feel like a voyeur Someone really has to want it to get it. That’s how the good things in life all are. Thanks for your lovely writing.

    p.s. Manuscripts in Pacific Northwest closets are extremely susceptible to mold. Just sayin’.

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