Midterm Project


Artist’s Statement:  This work is meant to critique and recreate the feel of the POETRY app offered by The Poetry Foundation.  The interface was largely lifted from the app itself, including the relative size of the interface components and the area for displaying poetry.  The text size was kept small on purpose to convey the reader’s difficulty in connecting with poems in the app.  A viewer must click the spin button at the end of each page, there is no other way of exploring the work.  This is also on purpose and aims to help the viewer understand the way the app forces a reader into a corner with the spinner function rather than truly letting them explore.


2 thoughts on “Midterm Project

  1. Wow, Carrie! This is just so cool. I am impressed by your clever ability to mimic the app but use your own content, and then imbed it all so perfectly in your post. Neato!

    I appreciate that your criticism of the Poetry Foundation app is not criticism for its own sake. My impression is that you love poetry and respect its written form as intended by the authors, and that you feel the app (weirdly) does not mirror this sentiment. You state that the result of such misrepresentations may affect how poetry is viewed and understood by readers who may not have any previous experience with poetry, and I agree that this will certainly be the case. I also agree that removing close association of authorship to a poem really sucks. WTF. Besides the insult to the artist, of all genres, I would argue that poems must certainly be seen as belonging to their owner (like a pet, or a child, or a little daemon). If I continue any further, there will be an essay. Cheers, and thanks for your (rad!) post.

  2. Honestly, I have no idea how to do something like this! I love it! How do you manage to put something this interactive on a blog??????????? <—-confusion.

    I agree that an app about poetry should respect the poem as a physical form. There is intent in a line break. That reminds me of my friend who put out an album of techno tracks and the label decided to rearrange his track order. He was so pissed because he had intent behind that order, like any good DJ. If my poems were bastardised that way, there would be quite a lot missing, since I often try to put them into a physical form which adds meaning to the words.

    Now, having said that, I think that my poems were meant to be read on paper. So perhaps I can't have it all the way I want it. Do I want people to read my poems? I guess so. Am I published in books or journals which are widely read? No. Have I had more people read my verse electronically? Absolutely. So maybe an iPhone app is not my venue (and maybe it isn't always poetry's venue in general). But it is getting the work read.

    If I were the developer, I'd take your words to heart. I hope you posted a link to this on Twitter, adding the @poetryfoundation to it.

    ps: LOVE the "spin"/"fin" micro poem 😉

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