Code Poem

<!—->is <!–that–>the<!–perfect–><!–body–><!–is–><!–a myth–><br>
<!–and–><!–there–><!–is no–> secret<!–shortcut–><!–to–>:<!–happiness–><br>
<!–or–><!–is–><!–better–><!–than–><!–any of–><!–us–><br>


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7 thoughts on “Code Poem

  1. Love the way you took literally and ran with it! Nothing like being given an hour to figure out how to “write” a code poem! But you hit it out of the park! I also think breaking R A G E into separate brackets was awesome, and reminded me of some of the reading from hypertext class. Well played!

  2. Basically, you’ll have to moderate my comment as you see fit, because I think this poem is super-clever! (What I mean is, is it good for you that I keep fawning publicly over how f-ing clever you are?!) Way to use this form the way it wants to be used. Thanks for being publicly clever, again and again, so I can keep appreciating your work. You.

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