Posted in June 2012

What is Poetry? (Final project)

Go here: Use the big player otherwise you won’t be able to read anything Artist’s statement: My favorite parts of this class were the sprawling, Venn-diagrammed discussions we would have surrounding categorization of literature, e-literature, poetry and others.  An idea started to emerge over the course of our class sessions that a much wider … Continue reading


This is how my code poem will appear in the book. I love how the character limits make the formatting even less perfect than I was trying for. Layers of meaning! BODY <html> <body> <!–Something–>this<!–life–><!–has–><!–taught–><!–m e–><br> <!—->is <!–that–>the<!–perfect–><!–body–><!–is–><!–a myth–><br> <!–and–><!–there’s no–> secret<!–shortcut–><!–to–>:<!–happiness–><br> <!–and–>nobody<!–is><!–always–><!–right–><br> <!–we–><!–all–><!–have–><!–moments–><!–of–><!–bril liance–> <!–and–>fits<!–of–><!–R–><!–A–><!–G–><!-E–><br> <!–and–><!–live–><!-our lives-><!–beautifully–> <!–in–><!–the–><!–world’s–><!–imperfect–><!–plane– > </body> </html> Carrie Padian // … Continue reading