Reassimilation (Day 5)

I resisted the pull of my cybernetic augmentations as long as humanly (or post-humanly) possible, but the fleshy body is weak and resistance, as they say, is bound up in futility.  My time as purely human has changed me though.  The auxiliary parts and devices no longer fit as snugly as they did before, in fact I’m beginning to wonder if many of them aren’t as vital to my survival as I once believed.  Had I the strength to resist for another week, or better yet a month, I have an inkling I might be able to jettison some of them altogether.  Some, however, have proven to be so much a part of me that my time without them was hardly like life at all, just a stunted shadow of what one who has never lived might imagine it to be.

By that I mean I really missed my phone.  And texting.  Email was virtually impossible to do without and though I feel somewhat more loosely drawn to Facebook than before, it is still the platform with which I connect to the majority of people in my life and I don’t relish the idea of losing all of those connections.

And yet…there is such a freedom of mind that comes from knowing you can’t immediately share your thoughts with anyone.  Having a realization or a funny thought becomes a more valuable moment, something you get to keep for yourself, not something you’re immediately trying to find the right words to express on your Facebook wall.  During this week my thoughts became private in a way they hadn’t been in a long time.  I liked it.

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