10 reasons to write a novel in a day with us

DigiWriMo’s Novel in a Day is going on RIGHT NOW, until midnight eastern tonight.  Here are ten great reasons why YOU should join us in this crazy collaborative novel-writing thing:

1.  It’s anonymous…or not

Your name isn’t attached to anything unless you want it to be, so you can flex those creative muscles without worrying about what anyone is going to think.

2.  No worries about word count

Write a whole vignette, start one, finish one, or just add a little bit here and there, whatever feels right.

3.  Give Digi something interesting to do

This duck is a worldly chap who loves new experiences.  What would you have him do next?

4.  The world needs your unique perspective

There’s not another person on the planet who can add what you will add to our novel.  Get in there and help us get it right.

5.  It’s fun!

6.  It’s quick

Only have a few minutes free?  That’s plenty of time to add a sentence or two, or take a little longer and start crafting a new vignette.  There are no limits whatsoever except getting it all done by midnight.

7.  Writing in community is like no other type of writing

There’s something so lovely and supportive about seeing a document you’ve worked on take shape before your very eyes.  Do what you can do, the community will handle the rest.

8.  Everything is a work in progress

Don’t like the thing you added, or feel like it needs a little something extra?  Come back and revise it some more.  Move the words around, change the gangster to a corrupt politician, put more words in Digi’s mouth, whatever works.  Nothing has to be done on the page until midnight.

9.  Kickstart your creative brain

For those of you doing NaNoWriMo (or DigiWriMo) sometimes it can feel like a bit of a slog, like the word count is looming and you have no idea where to go next.  Use this as an opportunity to try out some plot ideas or maybe go in a completely different direction from everything you’ve been working on.  Who knows? Maybe Digi can help you find exactly what you want your novel to do next.

10.  We are dying to hear what you have to say

Everyone in the DigiWriMo community is eagerly watching the doc for new additions…nothing thrills us more than seeing new words pop up on the screen.  So get in there and help us out…share your unique perspective and take that tiny duck on a wild ride!

Go here to find out more and get started:  http://www.digitalwritingmonth.com/2012/11/01/a-novel-in-a-day/


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