What is Poetry? (Final project)

Go here:  http://tinyurl.com/774gq2g Use the big player otherwise you won’t be able to read anything Artist’s statement: My favorite parts of this class were the sprawling, Venn-diagrammed discussions we would have surrounding categorization of literature, e-literature, poetry and others.  An idea started to emerge over the course of our class sessions that a much wider … Continue reading


This is how my code poem will appear in the book. I love how the character limits make the formatting even less perfect than I was trying for. Layers of meaning! BODY <html> <body> <!–Something–>this<!–life–><!–has–><!–taught–><!–m e–><br> <!—->is <!–that–>the<!–perfect–><!–body–><!–is–><!–a myth–><br> <!–and–><!–there’s no–> secret<!–shortcut–><!–to–>:<!–happiness–><br> <!–and–>nobody<!–is><!–always–><!–right–><br> <!–we–><!–all–><!–have–><!–moments–><!–of–><!–bril liance–> <!–and–>fits<!–of–><!–R–><!–A–><!–G–><!-E–><br> <!–and–><!–live–><!-our lives-><!–beautifully–> <!–in–><!–the–><!–world’s–><!–imperfect–><!–plane– > </body> </html> Carrie Padian // … Continue reading

Code Poem

<html> <body> <!–One–><!–thing–>this<!–life–><!–has–><!–taught–><!–me–><br> <!—->is <!–that–>the<!–perfect–><!–body–><!–is–><!–a myth–><br> <!–and–><!–there–><!–is no–> secret<!–shortcut–><!–to–>:<!–happiness–><br> <!–and–>nobody<!–knows–><!–ev–><!–er–><!–y–><!–thing–><br> <!–or–><!–is–><!–always–><!–always–><!–always–><!–right–><br> <!–or–><!–is–><!–better–><!–than–><!–any of–><!–us–><br> <!–we–><!–all–><!–have–><!–moments–><!–of–><!–brilliance–><br> <!–and–>fits<!–of–><!–R–><!–A–><!–G–><!-E–><br> <!–and–><!–live–><!–B–><!–E–><!–A–><!–utifully–><br> <!–in–><!–the–><!–world’s–><!–im–><!–perfect–><!–plane–><br> </body> </html>   HTML Editor

A Start

Sometimes I have trouble starting things.  Like blog posts.  Then I watch this and I feel better, though sometimes I still don’t get started.  Sometimes I watch this, feel better, abandon my current project and get started doing something I like more, like reading a book or napping or writing an odd little poem about … Continue reading

Midterm Project

http://www.poetryfoundation.org/mobile Artist’s Statement:  This work is meant to critique and recreate the feel of the POETRY app offered by The Poetry Foundation.  The interface was largely lifted from the app itself, including the relative size of the interface components and the area for displaying poetry.  The text size was kept small on purpose to convey … Continue reading

Do you want to know a secret?

Last night I went to a talk with Frank Warren, creator of PostSecret, a project that invites people all over the world to create postcards with their deepest secrets and then release those secrets by mailing them in for publication on the PostSecret website.  Here’s one example from this week’s secrets: I realized as I … Continue reading

Fever dreams

I’ve been sick this week, which means endless cups of tea and hours spent moaning on the sofa (I live alone, I can do these things).  It also means lots of rest which, in my ensickened state means fever dreams.  I’m not sure if fever dreams work the same for everyone, but for me what … Continue reading

Blogs and expectations

I find it interesting how a blog, more than any other medium, carries with it this expectation of frequent updates.  Often the blogs I read will have periods of slowness in posting or longer gaps between updates and when the blogger returns from whatever real-life adventure he or she has been having, there’s generally an … Continue reading

Form and Function

Approaching this blog as an outside observer I would have little information that hinted at the content I might expect but there are some clues.  The title is tiny, lowercase and cursive, all things that scream ‘girl’ to me.  Something about it feels restrained and possibly secretive.  Other than the bright red background color, the … Continue reading